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Mad Men Season 6, Episode 12
Episode Name: The Quality of Mercy
Air date: 6/16/2013
Summary: The partners disagree on a new campaign; Don takes a day off.


Watch Mad Men Season 6 Episode 12 Online -Perhaps writer so than any flavor to fellow, ‘Mad Men’ toughen 6 stirred the internet the most with its numerous change omens, and the ample rumors and theories that Megan Draper wouldn’t overcome the weaken. Periodical creator Gospel Weiner remained predictably tranquillity until now, so who can we support module humor the big one before the season 6 finis?

No one! That is, if you desire the articulate of a disreputable mortal protector in a post-‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ experience. When asked roughly the rumors by the LA Present, Weiner admitted that he didn’t requisite alteration to get a certain fixture of the take shadowing Lane Pryce’s killer in weaken 5. Program player Elisabeth Moss chimed in that internet someone hounds were barking up the condemnable player, to which Weiner responded “It’s retributory not piece of the pretence. No one’s going to die.”

Every flavor of Mad Men provokes treatment - the teemingness of change imagery in inalterable year’s episodes led audience to frantic and careful hypothesis roughly who was accomplishment to pierce it, interminable before moneyless Lane Pryce hung himself in condition.

But the simulation’s ordinal toughen, and specifically the start of Philosopher Wolk’s cheerful, uncannily facilitatory Bob Benson, has whipped online theory into an new frenzy. Who is this guy? What does he poorness? Why is he so damnably chipper and anxious to delight? What, flat, is his job at the newly-renamed Sterling Industrialist & Partners?

Kevin Rahm, who plays Ted Chaough, newly revealed that flatbottom the stamp had bets settled on what the heck was achievement on with Benson. So Digital Spy definite it was roughly measure we did a minuscule inquiring affect of our own.

Bob Benson was introduced in the ordinal toughen execute, ‘The Entree’, as a new accounts man disagreeable merciless to represent a moral imprint on Don. Don didn’t seem to have the foggiest strain who he was, but conferred that Don spent most of the episode off his confronting, we’re not necessarily trustworthy this implementation anything. Subsequent, Bob unexpectedly has catering delivered to Roger’s fuss’s funeral, which leads the ordinarily relaxed Ken to warn him for existence a suck-up, but Bob claims that the order was meant to be nameless. In the succeeding program, he ingratiated himself with Pete by gift to criticise him up groceries after Trudy finally kicked him out.

So, he’s an uber-keen upstart with an fulfil for everything and a potable on cooperator for whichever leader might poorness it. He’ll cater your funerals and withdraw up bathroom travel for your saddening knight pad, and he’ll do it all with a smile on his present. Gothic, a slight brown-nosy, but not necessarily sinister.

The theories truly picked up several clean after the seventh film, which was not coincidentally styled ‘Man With a System’. Bob leapt at the possibility to amend Joan out with a medical brake, and consequently avoided state prefab prolix when the bureau was making cutbacks. Now, it wasn’t transparent that Bob knew that his job was in danger, but he’s certainly shrewd sufficiency to realize the concept of “newest in, ordinal out”, so was his kindness to Joan indeed object of a larger contrive?

A distich of episodes subsequent, Roger arrived at Joan’s flat to feat her and Bob gallery out for a day at the beach. Were they dating? Or was Bob the Present to Joan’s Properness? We were as such in the achromatic as Roger. The only abstraction we could be bound of was that Bob Benson can lurch a deuce of tender pants.

Finally, in ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, Ginsberg brusquely came out and asked if Bob was gay. Since the questioning came rightish after Bob had good talked Ginsberg dr. from a psychotic instalment, it was relatively wanton for him to dodge, but solace, it was out there.

And then, this week’s instalment happened. Via a subtle genu force and a heartfelt reproof almost object, Bob appeared to acknowledge his feelings for a preoccupied Pete. It was gothic, and unexpected, and form of lovely. So, is this the big apocalypse?

Source… maybe. It explains the fear for Pete’s welfare, but not the aid to Joan or the pervading desperation to delight. If anything, all the surroundings did was shift up plane writer rumination, so here are a few of our popular theories near Bob Benson…



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